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Terms and Conditions and Patient Responsibility Agreement

By submitting the Order form and placing the Order with I affirm as if under oath and state truthfully that:

  1. I (the patient) a young and healthy adult of sound mind and judgment and at least 21 years of age.
  2. I am fully permitted by the laws in my resident country to obtain prescription medications treatment and I am requesting for my personal medical intension.
  3. I, the patient, have had a full screen of my disease and with fully sufficient and satisfactory physical examination with my medical history in addition well evaluated by my family physician or local doctor who is responsible for my treatment and whom I agree to contact for any immediate intervention necessary to follow-up, in any situation I have any side effects with the treatments guidelines offer to follow or difficulties with possible complications I contact the prescribing doctor or physician with whom I am taking treatments for my medical conditions.
  4. I have been fully notified by professional trained medical health care personnel and I understand the risks and benefits of taking prescription medications for my treatment, and I have been well aware with the possible side effects of the prescription drug(s) I may request at I have well studied and informed of all possible written or internet materials on prescription drugs in including the websites and links which states in-depth details of the meds.
  5. I also affirm that I have been prescribed before and advice to use the prescription medications under my local doctor to use the medication(s) under my doctor's supervision and advice in coordination with my physical examining that the use of the prescribed medication(s) are not contraindicated for me and are appropriate to my personal medical necessity.
  6. I am ordering and requesting the consumption of prescription medication(s) exclusively for my own personal medical requirements and needs, and further most will not be misuse or will not distribute any of the medication to others.
  7. I will promptly notify and contact my local physician or doctor for any emergency complications necessary medical intervention when any complication or side effects provoke related to the use of a requested prescription medication.
  8. I agree not to cocktail or mix with any substance or any other medicines without prior approval from my local pharmacist. I will notify prior him/her with my full list of the medical treatment and prescription medications that I am presently taking including the one currently being ordered with
  9. I am allowed by my country law the use of my credit card for ordering the prescription medications online will be used if my request is approved and processed.
  10. I affirm here that I have successfully answered all questions truthfully, and they are for my safety, I have completely disclosed my health condition and prescription medicine concerning my health and medical history and are relevant to request for this medication online just as I would do with my local pharmacist and doctor?s care.
  11. I fully understand the risks against the benefits to any prescription medications online. I have been fully notify and informed of the possible serious effects, risks, consequences after consuming this medication. I agree that I have been fully examined physically and prescribed for this ordered medications for my underline medical condition the same as with my local doctor and pharmacist.