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  • 100 mg Zenegra Generic

100 mg Zenegra Generic

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Zenegra is manufactured by Alkem in India; it is an oral pill which is used to for men who suffers from the erectile dysfunction or impotence. Since 1999, these Indian pharmaceutical companies Alkem have big plant for manufacturing the zenegra medicines and they sold 103 different medications in accordance with WHO standards and guidelines.

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Zenegra : Best Generic Drugs For Male Impotence

Zenegra contains the same active drugs that branded Viagra have is sildenafil citrate. This medicine works same as the generic Viagra because both contain the same molecule. Zenegra is used to solve the issue in male like erectile dysfunction, it is a sexual disorder circumstances which involves the incapacity of man to attain strong erection which is necessary for improved sexual performance.

How Zenegra Works

Zenegra is a generic version of Viagra, it has specially used for the treatment of male who have the impotence problem. Zenegra helps to increase blood flow in to the penis and maintain an erection during sexual stimulus.

How do I Take Zenegra (Dosages)

The best and recommended zenegra dosage is 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Take zenegra by mouth and one glass of water with or without food but don’t take with the fatty food and alcohol. Zenegra is generally taken about 30 minutes or one hour before when you plan for sexual activity and its start effecting within 30 minutes, last long up to 4 hours. Do not take more than one pill in daily bases. If you are having severe kidney or liver problem then consult with your doctor and start your dosage according to doctor guidance.

What are the possible Side Effects of Zenegra?

The most common Side Effects are included are

  • Headache
  • Flushing of the face
  • Upset stomach

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