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  • 28 Ovral Pills

28 Ovral Pills


Ovral is an oral contraceptive for prevention of pregnancy consisting of both an estrogen and a progestin. Ethinyl estradiol and norgestrel are the active ingredients of Ovral.

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28 Ovral Pills 0.25mg/0.05mg 84 Pills $149.00
28 Ovral Pills 0.25mg/0.05mg 63 Pills $99.00
28 Ovral Pills 0.25mg/0.05mg 21 Pills $79.00

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Ovral consists of synthetic female hormones and works by stopping egg from being released from its ovary. Hormones in Ovral, thin out uterus membrane making it difficult for fertilized egg to implant and thickening mucus around the entry to uterus (cervix) which ’slows down’ sperm and makes it difficult for them to reach egg.


Ovral dosage should be prescribed by your doctor. Every dose has 100 µg of ethinyl estradiol and 0.5 mg of levonorgestrel as its active components. Normally 2 Ovral white pills within 120 hours after unprotected sex and 2 more white pills 12 hours later are recommended.


Ovral is used in treatment of painful or irregular menstrual periods and acne, in addition to pregnancy prevention.


Most common side effects of Ovral include nausea, acne, skin rash, or brown spots on skin, slight weight gain, mood changes and increased sensitivity to sun or ultraviolet light.

While serious side effects of Ovral comprises leg, arm or groin pain, breast tissue changes or discharge, chest pain, dizziness or fainting spells, symptoms of vaginal infection like itching, irritation or unusual discharge,sudden loss of coordination and speech problems

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